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- Moroccan Textiles -

- PROCESS・Moroccan Textiles -

Textiles x El Fenn  Morocco

Location. 31.6300° N, 8.0089° | Marrakech, Morocco

Le Corbusier, a modern designer and architect, paired a thick Moroccan Berber rug with his sleekly designed furniture. This led to the popularization of Moroccan carpets in fiscally developed countries. We are working with the Beni Ourain peoples, pioneers in the Moroccan textile scene.

Context. Humans in Morocco have been handweaving rugs since the paleolithic era. Similar to other countries like Indonesia or Guatemala, people weave textiles for utility. 

Process. Berber rugs are handwoven by the Beni Ourain peoples, who live in the Rif Mountains. Interestingly, many oriental carpets use a knot technique that is close to the Turkish knot technique, the Beni Ourain people have an anomalous knotting technique.

The carpets tell the stories of events that have happened over time (life events or otherwise), and the technique used in weaving the carpets has survived throughout centuries.

These carpets are a living example of human knowledge being passed down from generation to generation. Berber weavers embed symbolism, language, legends and lessons into the carpets using wool, patterns and imagery. These messages are in turn passed throughout generations. Their textiles act as a language, and physical record of their history.

Stay. One ilk x El Fenn (Morocco). El Fenn is a luxury hotel, and one of only a handful of Marrakech's riads that have been converted to a small hotel.

There are 28 rooms. The design is impeccable-and for this reason we chose to work with El Fenn to launch our first Moroccan textile line. They are changing the covert luxury hotel game, and pioneering what it means to balance stark luxury with primal environments. Go visit. More here.

Visit. The hotel concierge would be happy to arrange transportation to the Marrakech market. We recommend planning to take a day for transit, and exploring the market.